We started out as a small catering company in 1999, opening with an event in a private home for 100 guests. It
was a success, and from there it took off towards the multi facetted, experienced catering company it is today!
At Let's Celebrate we love what we do and are passionate about the flavors and presentations of our delicious,
fresh food.

Our chefs, who are professionally trained and have many years of experience, constantly create new and
interesting recipes, mixing ingredients from all over the world. Our head chef is an avid traveller and always
brings home new ideas and flavors from places visited, to tease our palates.

We feel that the environment, health and community are important for our future and we often cater to  
Fundraisers and organisations that work for a cause. While being budget consious, and trying to donate as
much as we can, we never compromise on the quality and flavors of the food.

Let's Celebrate has many clients that have stayed with us through the years and we are proud to say that a
large amount of our events are through referals - the best recognition can you get! We always welcome new
Clients with the same excitement and exeptional service. We invite you to find out more about us, and hope to
bring our delectable food to your table at your next event or wedding!

Recipent of The ISES Firecracker Award
            Phone: 310-266-0625                                       E-mail:  info@letscelebratecatering.com